Review: SunJoe Electric Pole Chain Saw Makes Tree Pruning Easy

Here we review the SunJoe 10 inch electric pole chain saw.  It is perfect for your next project! It takes the difficulty out of tree pruning and cutting overhead limbs. SunJoe makes four different models, the one we tested was the SunJoe SWJ803E 10 inch adjustable pole saw with 8.0 Amp electric motor.  The saw itself is mounted on an adjustable length pole that can telescope from 5.8 to 8.8 feet with an adjustable saw mount that rotates from 0 to 30 degrees.  Add your height and the tool should max out around 14 feet.  The tool requires an extension cord for power and the addition of chain saw oil for lubrication.  Here is the unboxing and setup.  The SunJoe came well boxed.  It was ordered from Amazon and priced at $71.99.  Prime gave us free delivery.


The printed instructions were clear and easy to understand.  The only required assembly as you can see below is the bar and chain needed attachment to the motor unit.  A handy wrench was provided.  The chain must be adjusted to correct tension.


Bar and chain oil (sold separately) has been added to the reservoir and we are ready for tree trimming. The saw has automatic chain lubrication and angle settings between 0 and 30 degrees for easier, ergonomic cutting. During our tests, the SunJoe easily cut through 6-inch diameter maple.


There are four SunJoe pole chain saw models to choose from.  We purchased the most powerful 8-Amp SWJ803E model.  A comparison chart is listed below to help you with your choice.


March is the time to prune trees and shrubs and with the beginning of spring even more yard work.  Over the winter, tree limbs break and need to be cut down to a manageable size.  It just becomes a fact of life that trees in your yard require pruning. So instead of using your grandfather’s tree loppers, we suggest an upgrade to the SunJoe SWJ803E 10 inch adjustable pole saw.  The saw with its powerful 8-Amp motor is ready to take on tough jobs.  With 454 Amazon reviews averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars, this tree cutting tool is a no brainer.

Pros: powerful, cuts limbs up to 9.5″ quickly, takes the danger and difficulty out of pruning trees while standing safely to one side. No kickback.

Cons: Can feel heavy after using for a while

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