How to Grow Raspberries in Containers

Imagine how great it would be to start your day by picking delicious raspberries for your morning smoothie or breakfast cereal. Homeowners with limited space can grow berries in containers and it’s really not a hard thing to do. What’s important is to select the best variety, the right container, and a sunny location. For gardeners with limited space or for apartment dwellers who grow on a porch or patio, growing berries in containers allow a level of flexibility not realized by inground plants.  In this post, we will give tips for successfully growing raspberries in containers.

growing raspberry plants

Choosing the right variety:

Berry plants are great candidates for container gardening, especially if you pay careful attention to which varieties you choose to grow.  Some raspberry varieties are just too large to grow in containers. Fortunately, plant breeders have been busy at work producing container-friendly plants.  Newer cultivars like Raspberry Shortcake® a dwarf, thornless variety, are best suited to growing in large pots.

Choosing The Right Container:

When choosing a pot, always opt for the largest container possible. Plan on needing a minimum volume of eight gallons per raspberry bush. Do not pick a tapered pot and regardless of its size, there should also be a drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. Roots allowed to stay in standing water will eventually rot. Fill the containers in your small-space garden with a 50/50 mixture of potting soil and compost. Mulch the soil surface to reduce water loss.

Sun Requirements:

All fruiting plants, whether you’re growing raspberries in containers or in the ground, produce the most berries in full sun. Provide at least six to eight hours of sun per day. Planting in containers provides for the flexibility of moving plants to different patio locations to receive full sun each day.


Raspberries are perennials that usually set fruit on two-year-old canes. Sometimes plants may produce fruit in the first year, however, full bearing begins in the second year.

Final Tips:

  • Raspberry Shortcakes® grow successfully in large containers
  • Grow in full sun
  • Water regularly
  • Fertilize with an organic fertilizer in early and late spring
  • Let the raspberry bushes go dormant in winter, protect from deep freezing
  • After three years transplant your raspberries from container to inground

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